Lorven Labs

In May 2009 when the US economy started recovering, Lorven Technologies decided to strategically diversify and add new products development division

Leveraging the professional experience and entrepreneurial drive of its executive members and the technical knowledge and insight of some of its consultants, Lorven Labs was conceptualized as a business vertical and a course was charted.

Lorven Labs enters the new products development zone by adopting the current IT operating principles of Market-leading companies. Research indicates these to be based on flexibility, innovation, collaboration and integration, not forgetting of course, that the new technology world is being governed by the voice of the end user- either as an individual enthusiast or a business evangelist.

Research also has helped in identifying the domain of development that the Industry considers significantly poised for growth and the Lab is built to synergize with the demands heard in the marketplace. Although there are many other web based companies working with these streams independently, Lorven Labs has taken a farsighted approach at integrating all of these in finding a way to engage and develop a sustainable presence in the virtual horizon.

Lorven Labs has been conceived as a Virtual Software Development Lab connecting geographies and diverse demographics. It operates over the cloud computing network offering a service oriented architecture that allows flexibility, scalability and interoperability to reflect the features of Web 2.0.

The new dimensions are based on the four keywords that also make our mission statement- “Collaborate”- “Innovate” – “Integrate” and “Empower” (using the acronym CIIE)


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