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In May 2009 when the US economy started recovering, Lorven Technologies decided to strategically diversify and add new products development division

Three technology buzzwords, Cloud computing, Social networking and Service Oriented Architecture, have begun to transform the world faster than could have ever been imagined.

Cloud computing brings the virtualized power of networked data centers as a service over the internet, freeing the consumer from high cost, high maintenance computing infrastructure. With no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain or upgrade, the popularity of cloud computing keeps growing exponentially as users respond to the freedom of scalability at will.

While Cloud computing brings instant time to value and infrastructure independence, social computing emerges as the new face of the web, building networks at lightning speeds, zipping across geographies and demographics and empowering people to live in virtual worlds and work through collaborative means.

And SOA or service oriented architecture is the key to this atmosphere of interoperability as individual and business users discover the wide ranging effects of loosely coupled services that can be combined on demand for a new user experience.

Regardless of their core competencies businesses of all sizes are desperately trying to catch up on the revolution that has already touched and altered the lives of individual users of the internet.

Just as one day suddenly everybody with a cell phone got connected to friends and family, buyers and sellers, govt. and media- at home and abroad virtually everywhere and at will, so it is here.

Free enterprise starts here and there are no geopolitical barriers in the virtual world-everybody should be ready to team up and collaborate for learning developing and transacting business.


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