Managed Service Providers

Quality, quantity and speed—delivered without drama.

Lorven is a highly recognized expert in the Managed Service Provider sector. We help MSPs manage the challenges and reduce the risks associated with today’s gig economy.

By leveraging the depth and breadth of our talent network, MSPs can rapidly deliver both quality and quantity, hence assuring high-value workforce solutions for their most demanding clients.


We believe at keeping things 100% transparent among parties and stakeholders. We always keep lines of communication open to ensure that any questions are answered and issues are resolved before they happen.


We can scale up or down based on your dynamic needs. We can handle surges in volume as well as peak hiring seasons to deliver what you need and when you need it.

Reduced Risks

We curate candidates to ensure that you get exactly what you asked for. All our consultants are treated well and with full benefits, hence we have the lowest attrition and turnover rates in the industry.


We understand the rush. Fill your required positions in hours or days, instead of having to wait for weeks or months.

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